The ULTIMATE Trading System With A One-Year PROVEN Track Record...

"How to Achieve 6% Returns Each Month Effortlessly Almost Like Clockwork - Even If You Know Nothing About Trading!"

No Trading Experience Required. Perfect For Complete Beginners.

Why leave idle money in the bank just to earn a miserable interest rate of up to 2% per annum when you can make your money work harder for you. Much harder!

The secret to making money work harder for you while you sleep soundly at night is to first ensure that you protect your capital at all costs – by only trading with a licensed broker! Next, ensure you choose a financial system with a proven track record (minimum one year). Sure, past performance does not equal future performance, but it does provide a necessary and valid benchmark for what you can expect in the future. Finally, your money-making-system should be easy to use without you having to invest time and energy on analyzing charts all day!

The good news is, you do not need background or experience in trading because with Lifestyle Trader, trading is as easy as 1-2-3:


Impeccable Monthly Performance

Our trading team has been consistent with its monthly trading performance, achieving an average of 6% per month ROI since October 2020. The risk per trade is generally up to 6% and expect anywhere from 2 to 4 trades to hit the 6% monthly ROI target.

Join Lifestyle Trader NOW and you’ll be on your way to achieving similar monthly results too!

Full Transparency & Accountability for EVERY Trade!

We believe in full transparency and accountability in our trading performance.

Hence we publish details of each trade executed during the month – at the end of the month.

Attend our monthly zoom webinar LIVE sessions to view updated detailed trade results.

Potentially Turn $5,000 into $1,343,795.15 in Just 8 Years!

Tap the POWER of Compound Interest – the 8th Wonder of the World!

Do you know that with an initial capital of just $5,000, but when compounded at a rate of 6% per month over 8 years, results in the astonishing capital growth to $1,343,795.15!

(Don’t just take our word, calculate it for yourself:

Our trading team has been consistent with its monthly trading performance, achieving an average of 6% per month ROI since October 2020.

Join Lifestyle Trader NOW and you’ll be on your way to achieving similar monthly results too!

Protect Your Capital – Trade With A Licensed Broker!

With Lifestyle Trader, you are free to use any broker. But do ensure you trade with a licensed broker. With a licensed broker, you will not have any deposit and withdrawal issues.

Note: At no point do we have access to your funds. With Lifestyle Trader, you manage your own funds. We DO NOT need to touch your funds!

Frequently asked questions

Our 7-year & 3-year trading performance results are notarised by two top legal firms based in Singapore.

This system is 100% suitable for beginners because no trading experience and no chart analysis is required.

Absolutely! You are free to use your preferred broker. But do ensure you trade with a licensed broker.

This business is founded by JFCapital Pte Ltd, a Singapore-Based Financial Education Firm – UEN202019184N.

Our office is located at 10 Anson Road. #18-25. International Plaza. Singapore 709903.

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Here’s what you will learn during this FREE webinar:

  • How to leverage the power of COMPOUND INTEREST to super-charge your trading profits
  • Why you should always trade with a regulated and licensed broker
  • Why this trading system is SAFE – you can choose any broker you wish. We NEVER touch your funds!
  • Why it is important to INSIST on two types of trading results before you sign up for any trading system: Trader Performance & Student Performance
  • The benefits and unique features of the Lifestyle Trading System – that cannot be found anywhere else!
  • How to achieve a consistent trading performance of 6% a month – without having to look at charts all day!
  • Why you DO NOT need to trade every day – with Lifestyle Trader, all you need is 4 to 5 trades (on average) PER MONTH to achieve a monthly target of 6%.
  • Proof of results of both trader and students
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